DICH THUAT BACH KHOA HANOI provides interpretation services in multi languages, trade, workshops, conferences, and remote interpretation.

Our interpreters are arranged into interpretation teams in techniques, health … with good skills in using languages, social knowledge, flexibility and also good communication skills.


I. CONSECUTIVE INTERPRETATION: is the most common type of interpretation.

During consecutive interpretation, interpreters must interpret right after the speaker stop speaking. In this interpretation type, interpreters can talk and agree with speakers so that they can pause speakers or require them to repeat, make clear or explain their meanings to ensure the accuracy of interpretation.

  1. Interpretation in conferences, workshops via internet, telephones

This is a type of interpretation via online systems, LAN systems, or telephones related to at least 03 persons speak to one another.

To make accurate interpretation of this type, there must be a consensus among 3 persons, including a person sending information, a person receiving information, and the interpreter.

  1. Accompanying interpreter (companion)

When trade and tourism are developing, this type of interpretation also develops. This type of interpretation is performed as follows: an accompanying interpreter – accompanying with a client within a day or more and interpret for the client – in different contexts.

  1. Interpretation at courts

At a court, an interpreter is required to interpret for a Client as that Client does not know the language applicable at that court. The interpreter can be required to do: consecutive interpretation or simultaneous interpretation. In case of simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter is required to do whisper interpretation into one ear of the client.

Sometimes, for purposes of some communication, secrecy, or tactics in communication (up to certain circumstances), whisper interpretation must be applied. This type of interpretation needs a high concentration even if simultaneous or consecutive interpretation is used. The interpreter must listen very carefully and interpret by whisper into one ear of the client. The difficulty of this type is that usually many interpreters interpret at the same time with different languages (at the field site). The interpreter will be able to do whisper interpretation/consecutive interpretation for 1-3 listeners.


During simultaneous interpretation, an interpreter will interpret at the same time with a speaker speaking (simultaneously).

Cabin interpretation or simultaneous interpretation: is the ability to listen to a message in a language then explain it into another language, all simultaneously. The reason why to call it as cabin interpretation is that the interpreter must wear headphone, sit in a cabin – also called booth in English – to listen to a speaker speaking and use a micro to interpret what he/she listens SIMULTANEOUSLY with that speaker. This type of interpretation ensures the speed of the event. It means the meeting or workshop can run with its proper speed, and the viewers will witness a very interesting phenomenon: participants listen to a speaker speaking in English, raise questions to that speaker in Vietnamese, without seeing any interpreter.

We always take our best efforts for a world not restricted by language barriers. “Cabin” interpretation is considered as the most difficult type of interpretation as interpreters must speak in parallel with speakers to catch up with what the speakers speak. “The brain must be divided into two parts; one part is for English, and the other is for Vietnamese.”

Cabin interpreter is always in a very high tension because it’s really difficult just to simultaneously listen and repeat accurate what spoken in the same language, but it’s much more difficult to simultaneously listen and interpret what spoken into another language. Deeply understanding about the field to be interpreted is very important and nearly inevitable to become a good interpreter. “Cabin” interpretation is still considered to be “more challenging” as interpreters must create product immediately, without any rest time. So it’s very tense for interpreters.

In all cases, the use of simultaneous interpreter or a cabin interpreter is the key for success of an event, because of all specific targets of an event, a main target is to transmit information accurately and efficiently.

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