DICH THUAT BACH KHOA provides services in Translation, Translation and Notarization, Interpretation in many languages from frequent languages such as: English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese.., to languages not frequent in Vietnam such as: Arabian, Polish, Finnish, Thai, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Rumanian, Szech and Slovak, South African, Swedish, Burmese, Lao, Cambodian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Philippine, Iranian,…

DICH THUAT BACH KHOA HANOI will surely bring satisfaction and trust to clients.

Clients will be satisfied with the online consultancy in translation and clarification of professional words of DICH THUAT BACH KHOA HANOI. Clients’ rights will be fully met when you use our Translation services. You will be satisfied with quality + translation appearance + accurate time.

DICH THUAT BACH KHOA HANOI was formerly the translation center of Hanoi University of Sciences and Technologies. With over 20 years of translation experience in all fields, we are now a reliable partner of clients such as: Ministry of Heavy Industries, Ministry of Construction, Center for Bid and Project Management under Hanoi Housing Development and Investment Corporation, Sony Vietnam Company,… We sincerely thank for our client and collaborators for your kind cooperation so far.

DICH THUAT BACH KHOA HANOI has been taking the best efforts to contribute part to the professionalization of Vietnam Translation. HEART and TRUST are always accompanying with our translation projects.

DICH THUAT BACH KHOA HANOI has been matured due to a team basically and professionally trained, deeply specialized in translation – interpretation in technical fields and others; and also with a group of over 500 collaborators as professors, doctorates, lecturers from universities, embassies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, research institutes, and foreign experts who are fully competent, professional, and enthusiastic. We can surely bring the best translations – interpretation to our clients. With translation capacity of 100 pages/day, we can completely assume sized projects in the soonest time while ensuring the best quality.

DICH THUAT BACH KHOA HANOI wishes to be a reliable partner of all clients. Please kindly contact us DICH THUAT BACH KHOA HANOI whenever in need for Translation or Interpretation.